SCULPTICE:  New to Whispering Willow!  New to Montana!  A 100% natural product made of herbs, essential oils and other natural ingredients used to promote the dissolution of fat and cellulite.  SCULPTICE uses the body's natural metabolic response to cold to reduce, shape, and redistribute fat in problem areas for good.  Additionally, SCULPTICE firms and tones the skin by promoting new collagen and elastin production.  It is specially formulated to help individuals burn fat FAST - the natural way.  Whether one faces early stage fat accumulation, severe obesity or simply wishes to reduce cellulite and tone their skin, SCULPTICE is designed to quickly dissolve fat  with zero surgery, machines or downtime.  This treatment is combined with infrared sauna and wood therapy body contouring.  Wood therapy techniques are used to assist in the breaking up and draining of fat cells via the lymphatic system.  Healthy eating and regular exercise is highly encouraged.  At least 5 sessions is highly recommended for best results.   60-90 minutes $150/session  Packages available.

Ionic Foot Bath Detoxification:  This treatment facilitates detox and drainage while fostering healthy PH changes in the body.  Removes toxins from the liver, joints, lymph, kidneys, and cells which allows the body to work more efficiently keeping the body healthier. Sleep and feel better.  30 minutes/$45      Detox with a friend & save:  $40 each    Purchase a package of 5 and receive one free!  $225

Sweet Sugar Scrub:  A conditioning body scrub-derived from natural sugars makes your skin moisturized and full of radiance. The treatment includes a light exfoliation and an application of our enriching hydrator cream. Excellent for sensitive skin.       90 minutes  $135

Sassy Salt Scrub:  The secret is the sea salt! This invigorating, skin exfoliation treatment will revive your senses and leave your skin feeling smooth and soft for days. Treatment includes a deep exfoliation and an enriching hydrator.   90 minutes $135

Foot & Hand refresher:  Renew those tired hands and feet with a rich blend of warm palm, jojoba and organic coconut oils delivering rich moisture to tired hands and feet.  Enjoy a warm rice pack on the back of the neck during this treatment.               30 minutes       $50