Eyelash Extensions:
Full set: $150
2-week fill: $40
3-week fill: $55
4-week fill: $60

Dulcie uses synthetic mink lashes and has been doing extensions for almost 4 years.  Eyelash extensions are perfect for those who want longer lashes and do not want to fuss with mascara. Long, thick and beautiful!  

Permanent Makeup:  If you're looking to make your life easier with natural looking, permanent cosmetics, you've come to the right place!  Dulcie uses a gentle hand technique called SofTap to apply the tattoo'd pigment into the skin.  Eyeliner, brows, and lips can all be done comfortably and beautifully with this technique.  If you'd like a consultation, please call our spa at 406-682-5336.

Eyeliner:   Upper and lower lids $425         Upper lids only $300                  Lower lids $275

Brows - Microblading is the latest technique in permanent cosmetics for the eyebrows.  Tattooed hair strokes are made to resemble natural-looking brow hairs.  You'll be surprised at how hard it is to tell the difference between your own hair and the tattoo hairs.  Service provided by Dulcie Clark, Certificated and Licensed Permanent Makeup Specialist.   A very thorough consultation before the procedure is performed so you know exactly how the brows will look including but not limited to shape, color, thickness, etc.   Microblading/Tattoo brows includes complimentary consultation and 6-week followup.  $425

                         Powder Brow: Fill without hair strokes $375

Yearly followup visits:  $185.oo

Lips:    Liner $375   Full Lips $475 Please note that lips are not guaranteed.  Lips can take up to 6 touchups but heal beautifully!